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Our services

GEOSYSTEMS & Développement specializes in Geomatics and offers GIS products and services enabling its customers to enhance the spatial dimension of information :
  • Sale of SPOT 1 to 5 satellite imagery, SPOT 6 & 7, PLEIADES, FORMOSAT-2, TerraSAR-X), other products: Orthophotos, Radar, Lidar, digital terrain models, etc.
  • Satellite image processing, design, implementation and implementation of GIS, Modeling and spatial analysis, production of thematic maps, topographic work, quality control
Local governance
GEOSYSTEMS provides support services to municipalities, inter-municipal organizations and decentralized territorial communities (CTD) in :
  • Local Taxation, Participatory Budgeting, Local Governance and Decentralization, Tax Recovery, Municipal Information System, Decentralized Land Management, Social Accountability, Land Tenure, Community Development Plan, Regional Development Plan, Capacity Building and Organization and Facilitation of Workshops and formations
Territory Development
GEOSYSTEMS & Développement is also involved in works related to spatial planning :
  • Regional Land Use Plan, National Land Use Plan, Urban Plan Director, Detailed Urban Plan, Urban Requalification, Neighborhood Development Plan, Municipal Development Plan, Urban Profile, Local Plan land tenure (PLOF), Master plan of development
Land use & Land planning
GEOSYSTEMS & Développement also intervenes in works related to land and decentralized land management :
  • Land Tenure Implementation Support, Consolidated Land Certification Operation, Parcel Survey, Land Title Support, Subsequent Work: fragmentation, merger, realization of topographic works
Information Systems Engineering
GEOSYSTEMS & Development supports organizations in the development and implementation of information systems and databases.
  • Information system development, database management system, project and program monitoring and evaluation system, baselines